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Jobs, vacancies and career in our community

Eligibility: Minimum Amanzee level-9 certification.

Visit the link below to more about the certifications.
Amanzee & HGA Certifications

Job Honorary Position Salary
NodeJs Developer ₹ 45,000/month
Java Developer ₹ 45,000/month
PHP Developer ₹ 45,000/month
C/C++ Developer ₹ 45,000/month
Embedded Developer ₹ 45,000/month
Yoga Trainer ₹ 25,000/month
Photo shoot Photo grapher ₹ 5,000/session
Cinematography Actress ₹ 7,000/day
Fashion Models ₹ 2,000/day to ₹ 6,000/day
Brand Management Brand Ambassador ₹ 35,000/month
Fitness Fitness trainer ₹ 25,000/month
Nutritionist Nutritionist ₹ 23,000/month
Psychologist Psychologist ₹ 23,000/month
Avionics Drone/UAV Engineers ₹ 21,000/month
Aeronautics Aero modelling engineers ₹ 21,000/month
Aerospace/Aeronautics Propulsion system engineers. ₹ 21,000/month
Automobile EV Engineers ₹ 21,000/month
USA Job Opportunity Business Visa at company's cost Interview in USA

Vacancies for the position of brand ambassador

Only for females. Should be open minded. Should be comfortable in western wears & party wears.
Position: Brand Ambassador
Qualification: No bar
Job description:

  1. Will be representing our products.
  2. Branding our products
  3. Host events
  4. Will conduct auditions for new comers / joiners
  5. Acting : Will be playing the female lead role in short films & documentary
  6. Will host fitness training
  7. Will host reality shows
  8. Conducting events through video calls
  9. Photo shoot
  10. Ramp walk / modelling
  11. Forming your own team
  12. Team lead: driving, expanding & motivating the team
Salary: upto 1 Lac per month.
Salary hike / promotion: Every 3 months.

Vacancies - Mass recruitment from all over the world

Work from home / Work from anywhere. URGENT HIRING !!!

Position: Agents, Executives, Digital marketers, Affiliate marketers, MLM marketers.
No of Vacancies: 3500+
Eligibility:Should have reached 25,000 transactions on HGA Network. Or completed 7 level certification in HGA.
Qualification: No bar. Appeared for 10+2 can also apply.
Salary: ₹15000 per month + Incentives.
Total gross earning: is upto ₹45000 per month.

Vacancies for fresher/internship/aspiring male models & actors

Job description: short video clips

Requirements :

  • Should have the reference of any member of our network or should be a member of our network.
  • Natural acting for documentary short films.
  • Should be passionate about acting.
  • Should be ready for reality shows.

  • Projects outsourcing

    For individual freelancers, teams looking for projects, small sized business/companies. We have several projects to outsource. No investment required.

    Visit the link below for the list of available projects.
    List of projects

    HGA price is backedup by physical goods, commodities, products & services

    HGA worth is determined by equivalencing its price with the world market rates of physical goods, commodities, products and services. Thus it helps in stabilizing and growth consistency of its price graph.

    Market Rate / Price of HGA (Hemp Gold ATM)

    Price of 1 HGA = 1gm 24 Carat Gold

    Coin details:
    Coin Unique Number : 0x5B06C6478e565C5E46eE3327cDA3EB0108AF6680
    Coin Full Name : Hemp Gold ATM

    This means that the market rate of 1 HGA is equivalent to 1gm of 24 Carat Gold. The market rate of HGA fluctuates with the gold's rate.

    HGA's investment in 24 carat gold, of 1gm.
    On an average in global market HGA price estimated to ₹6100.[70.20 USD]
    As a freelancer and a trader, candidates can trade HGA with a huge profit.

    Vacacies & opportunities:

    Freedom to decide your own salary !!! - Salary calculator

    You have the complete freedom to determine or decide your own salary.

    Pre Audition

    Host: Amiga Akhor
    Round: Pre-audition introduction.

    Audition result

    Host: Richi
    Round: Feedback after the round-1 audition.

    Post HGA Certification Screening

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