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List of Annuity Settlement Companies

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what is an annuity?

An annuity is a powerful financial planning tool that when used for the right purpose, and in the right situation, can provide tremendous value to the annuity buyer. Annuities can add stability and security to an investor's portfolio when they are used in an efficient manner. Unfortunately, the vast majority of annuity buyers misallocate their resources when purchasing annuities and end up with an underperforming annuity that costs too much, pays too little, and is simply an inefficient use of their resources.

Consider a deferred variable annuity with a lifetime withdrawal benefit. Deferred variable annuities with lifetime withdrawal benefits offer a way to safely draw down your retirement assets by guaranteeing that, at a minimum, you will be able to withdraw a set percentage of your savings for the rest of your life. You retain access to your savings throughout the life of the annuity, and since the money is invested in a portfolio of stock and bonds, you have the opportunity to grow both your principal and your income stream over time.

When do I need to buy an annuity?

Last year the government abolished the rule that said you had to buy an annuity before age 75. The options for taking your money in retirement have increased, and annuities are not the only way to do this anymore.

However, some people may still find annuities suitable. An annuity can be purchased when you start your retirement, whatever age that may be. The earlier you retire the longer your money will have to last, which means the income is likely to be lower.

Types of annuity?

There are different types of annuities, but all boil down to essentially the same thing: An insurance contract that offers guaranteed income, often for life, and sometimes a shot at capital appreciation. It is meant to supplement income from a traditional stock and bond portfolio; it is seldom a good idea to invest more than half of your portfolio in an annuity/annuities because an annuity is fundamentally illiquid.

Annuities make the most sense for pre-retirees and retirees who want to minimize worry about bear markets in retirement. Retirees know they will have a specific stream of income no matter how markets perform. Annuities, in short, represent certainty in an uncertain world.

Americans own about a quarter trillion dollars worth of annuities. There are hundreds of annuities on the market. They typically offer generous payments in comparison to other investments, such as bonds. Many have materially higher fees, however, and their payments — reflecting today’s ultra-low interest rates — are not as attractive as they once were. Annuities are likely to become more alluring in the future as interest rates rise, which is widely expected.


List of annuity settlement companies

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society
Woodmen Tower
1700 Farnam Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68102
Policyholders: (800) 225-3108
Agents: No Longer Markets Annuities

Western United Life Assurance Company
929 W. Sprague Ave, PO Box 2290
Spokane, Washington 99210-2217
Policyholders: (800) 247-2045
Agents: (800) 247-2045

Western Bankers Life Insurance Company (Bankers Financial Corporation)
22202 Roosevelt Boulevard N.
St. Petersburg, Florida 33716
Policyholders: (800) 839-2731, Option 2
Agents: (800) 839-2731, Option 2

Washington National Insurance Company (CNO Companies)
11825 N. Pennsylvania Street
Carmel, Indiana 46032
Policyholders: (800) 888-4918
Agents: (800) 689-0240

Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (Voya Financial)
1 Orange Way
Windsor, Connecticut 06095
Policyholders: (888) 854-5950
Agents: No Longer Markets Annuities

Voya Insurance and Annuity Company (Voya Financial)
909 Locust Sreet
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Policyholders: (800) 369-3690
Agents: (800) 369-5301

Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company
4333 Edgewood Road N.E.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52499
Policyholders: (800) 851-9777
Agents: (800) 851-9777

Transamerica Life Insurance Company (AEGON)
4333 Edgewood Road N.E.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52499
Policyholders: (800) 821-9090
Agents: (800) 821-9090

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Operations Center: 4321 N. Ballard Rd.
Appleton, WI 54919-0001
Policyholders: (800) 847-4836
Agents: (800) 847-4836

The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company
P.O. Box 15648
Amarillo, TX 79106-5648
Policyholders: (800) 448-2542
Agents: (877) 246-4501

The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (AIG Life & Retirement)
175 Water Street
New York, New York 10038
Policyholders: (800) 874-8743
Agents: (888) 237-4210

The Independent Order of Foresters
c/o Frontier Distributing
145 Gruner Road
Cheektowaga, New York 14227
Policyholders: (800) 828-1540

Symetra Financial
777 108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200
Bellevue, Washington 98004
Policyholders: (800) 796-3872
Agents: (800) 706-0700

Sun Life Assurance of Canada
1 Sun Life Executive Park
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 02181
Policyholders: (800) 367-3653

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
2001 Market Street Suite 1500
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Policyholders: (800) 351-7500
Agents: (800) 351-7500

Principal Life
711 High Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50392
Policyholders: (800) 852-4450
Agents: (800) 986-3343

New York Life Insurance Company
51 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10010
Policyholders: (212) 576-7000
Agents: (212) 576-7000

Oxford Life Insurance Company
2721 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Policyholders: (800) 308-2318
Agents: (800) 308-2318

Nationwide Life & Annuity Company (Nationwide Financial)
One Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Policyholders: (800) 321-6064
Agents: (800) 330-3355

National Western Life Insurance Company
850 East Anderson Lane
Austin, Texas 78752
Policyholders: (800) 922-9422
Agents: (800) 760-3434

Minnesota Life Insurance Company
400 Robert Street North
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
Policyholders: (800) 362-3141
Agents: (800) 335-7355

Midland National Life Insurance Company (Sammons)
4350 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
Policyholders: (877) 586-0240
Agents: (877) 586-0241

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
1295 State Street
Springfield, Massachusetts 01111
Policyholders: (800) 272-2216
Agents: (800) 272-2216

The Manhattan Life Insurance Company
929 W. Sprague Ave, PO Box 2290
Spokane, Washington 99210-2217
Policyholders: (800) 247-2045
Agents: (800) 247-2045

Lincoln Life & Annuity Company of New York (Lincoln Financial Group)
1300 South Clinton Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802
Policyholders: (800) 893-7168
Agents: (888) 895-4830, Option 2

Lincoln Benefit Life (Allstate)
2940 South 84th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506
Policyholders: (800) 525-9287
Agents: No Longer Markets Annuities

Life Insurance Company of the Southwest (National Life Group)
1300 West Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, Texas 75247
Policyholders: (800) 579-2878
Agents: (800) 228-4579

Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company (Heritage Guaranty Holdings Group)
9800 Woodway Drive
Waco, Texas 76712
Policyholders: (800) 274-4829
Agents: (800) 745-4927

John Hancock Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial)
164 Corporate Drive
Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801
Policyholders: (800) 344-1029
Agents: (800) 505-9427

Integrity Life Insurance Company (WSFG)
Attn: Client Services PO Box 5720
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-5720
Policyholders: (800) 325-8583
Agents: (800) 325-8583

Allianz Life of North America (Allianz Group)
5701 Golden Hills Drive
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
Policyholders: (800) 950-5872
Agents: (800) 950-7372

Allstate Life Insurance Company (Allstate)
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, Illinois 60062
Policyholders: (847) 402-5000

American Equity Investment Life
6000 Westown Parkway
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
Policyholders: (888) 221-1234
Agents: (888) 647-1371

American General Life Insurance Company (AIG Life & Retirement)
2929 Allen Parkway
Houston, Texas 77019
Policyholders: (800) 242-4079
Agents: (888) 438-6933, Option 3

American National Life Insurance Company of New York (American National Group)
PO Box 1890
Galveston, Texas 77553
Policyholders: (866) 490-3163
Agents: (877) 755-2667

American United Life Insurance Company (OneAmerica Group)
1 American Square
Indianapolis, Indiana 46282
Policyholders: (800) 537-6442
Agents: (877) 297-7742

Americo Financial Life & Annuity Insurance Company
300 West 11th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
Policyholders: (800) 231-0801
Agents: (800) 231-0801 ext. 8410

Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation (Ameritas)
5900 “O” Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
Policyholders: (800) 745-6665
Agents: (800) 319-6903

Annuity Investors Life Insurance Company (GAFRI)
Great American Financial Resources, Inc.
P.O. Box 5420
Cincinnati, Ohio 45201
Policyholders: (800) 438-3398, Option 4
Agents: (800) 789-6771, ext. 11401

Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company (Athene Holding Ltd.)
400 Brookfield Parkway
Greenville, South Carolina 29607
Policyholders: (855) 428-4363
Agents: (855) 428-4363

Bankers Life & Casualty (CNO Companies)
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, Illinois 60654
Policyholders: (800) 787-1431
Agents: (800) 777-5775

Bankers Life Insurance Company (Bankers Financial Corporation)
22202 Roosevelt Boulevard North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33716
Policyholders: (800) 839-2731, Option 2
Agents: (800) 839-2731, Option 2

Columbus Life Insurance Company
400 East Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202-3302
Policyholders: (800) 677-9595
Agents: (800) 677-9595

Capitol Life Insurance Company (Heritage Guaranty Holdings Group)
1605 LBJ Freeway, Suite 710
Dallas, Texas 75234
Policyholders: (469) 522-4400
Agents: (800) 745-4927

Annuity Settlement

Annuity Settlement

Sell Annuity Payment

Sell Annuity Payment

Structured Annuity Settlement

Structured Annuity Settlement

List of Annuity Settlement Companies

List of Annuity Settlement Companies