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Website + Android app

with E-commerce / blogging facility

Website and Android app for all kinds and sizes of business

USD 99.9833333333
Rental 15.9973333333 / year

Android app

For all kind and sizes of business. Integrated with shopping cart option(optional)

USD 66.65
Rental 10.664 / year

Cafeteria & Coffee shop POS

Point of sales and billing

USD 70
Rental 11.2 / year

POS + Billling + GST / IGST / SGST

with bar code scanning facility

Point of sales and billing. Integrated with barcode scanner facility. The combo pack includes the software for barcode printing. This software can be used by all kinds of business. Example: garments business, departmental stall, footwear, grocery, whole sellers, furniture, gift shops, ladies & gents accessories shops, retailers, etc.

USD 70
Rental 11.2 / year

Bar code generator & printer

Print bar code without any extra special bar code printing device

USD 30
Rental 4.8 / year