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A 360 degree solution for all IT & ITes service providers and service seekers. Live technical and business analysts are available on chat to give you on spot time and commercial estimations for your projects



Business Platform

IT & ITes Services

All kinds of software development and support. Development in wide varieties of technologies and platforms. Intelligent cross platform integration.


UAV Solutions

Aerial photography, filming, surveillence and research works. Manufacturing of UAV. Custom development of UAV and Drones to meet all your business and complex requirements. Supplies spare parts and components which is highly cost effective.

Embedded Systems & Robotics

Embedded systems and robotics development.

Cyber Forensic & Law

Cyber security development. Forensic services. Cyber law and lawyers services.

Green Energy & Power Consultancy

Research and development of green and renewable energy. Development of wireless power transmission.

Web Portal Services

Tell the world about yourself.Share knowledge. Share that has to be shared.

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