FREE Animal Information System

Goal of the application:

In missing cases, this application will help in tracking the feeder/owner/location to which the animal belongs to.

Features / Pros

  1. This system is 100% free for animal/pet owners & also for stray animals
  2. Doesn't need expensive micro-chips.
  3. Doesn't need to do any operation on the animal.
  4. This can help us in getting information about an animal who got identified as lost, got abandoned, misplaced, relocated to a wrong location.
  5. If somebody finds an animal seems to be misplaced or got lost, then he / she can scan the QR code. That will give all the data about the animal. Then it will be easy to locate the owner/feeder or the location to which the animal actually belongs to.
  6. Some times GHMC people misplaces the dogs / place them at a wrong location. A feeder / any animal lover can identify the uncommon animal/dog. They can scan the QR code. Get all the data. Contact the respective feeder. Then can place the dog to the right place under the right person/feeder.
  7. If you dont have a mobile. You can just type the ID that you will find on the QR code in the search box here.
  8. We can add any amount of data/information to make it better and more trackable.
  9. Can hold the complete medical history of the animal
  10. Can hold the complete life history of the animal.

Known disadvantages / cons

  1. This is not a GPS tracking
  2. Animals cannot be tracked in real-time
  3. You need a phone with internet for this to work.